We help build data driven companies


Leeward Co. accelerates data science and engineering in growth stage companies. Founded by applied science and platform engineering leaders with experience at top technology companies and universities, we have a track record of building data teams, infrastructure, algorithms and strategy that scale.



The landscape

Building successful data teams takes practice. Connecting an understanding of business opportunity with what data modeling can do takes thought. Efficient prioritization and scale depend on prior experience. Hiring for excellence requires a strong network. Getting it wrong is costly. Many companies mistakenly treat data as a support function, or try to shoehorn analytics into an engineering framework. To date, there’s no roadmap for spinning up a successful data function in growth stage companies.


Our Practice

We’ve created a framework for building robust, repeatable productionized data products and teams. With a timeline tailored to growth stage companies, we help:

  • identify the “data-market fit”
  • prioritize opportunities for data
  • identify best modeling practices for the business
  • build out a scalable infrastructure for data modeling
  • efficiently hire the right team
  • bring a data-driven culture to your business

Think of us as foundational data science & engineering leadership, building the parts that you need to succeed with data in your business. 





Coco Krumme is a seasoned business and data science leader with experience managing teams and building the data function from the ground up in companies such as Haven, Climate Corp (Monsanto), Planet Labs, Bank of America, and Metaweb (Google). She holds an adjunct faculty position in the data science program at UC Berkeley, and previously earned a PhD from MIT.

Oli MCCormack

Oli McCormack is a platform engineering leader with expertise in architecting data pipelines and shared data services, including scalable geospatial and science stores for robust data modeling. He has held senior positions at companies such as Climate Corp and Google, and has a Master's in Computer Science (first class honors) from University College Dublin.


The Leeward network includes world-class applied scientists and platform engineers, with backgrounds in distributed systems, cloud computing, and machine learning at scale. Teams work on defined projects as well as longer-term engagements. If you think you’d be a fit for our team, get in touch: info@tothelee.com



We focus on venture-backed, growth stage companies that have clear opportunity to leverage data for success. In special cases, we consider engagements with established companies looking to level-up existing quantitative teams. Examples of current and past work include:

  • building strategic roadmaps for and recruiting a foundational data team
  • establishing modeling and evaluation infrastructure for science teams
  • creating geospatial data acquisition, processing, and consumption pipelines
  • building statistical models to evaluate complex IoT sensor data
  • creating product, science, and engineering roadmaps for data focused product offerings

We have driven strategy with organizational leaders, and, while we focus on technical guidance and leadership, are comfortable providing assistance at all levels of the data and science stack.

Reach out at  info@tothelee.co.